We specialise in all Multifocal Contact Lenses...
  • soft disposable contact lenses
  • daily disposable contact lenses
  • contact lenses for Astigmatism
  • contact lenses for Keratoconus
  • contact lenses for Grafted Corneas
  • we polish Rigid Gas Permeable lenses
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Being Humanware Low Vision distributors, we assist visually impaired people to lead more independant lives...

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There is an art to making Multifocal Spectacles work perfectly... We are experts in fixing visual problems. If you are having an issue with your current glasses or having trouble getting used to multifocals we can fix that, guaranteed. We can make you the best pair of Spectacles you've ever had.

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We are very experienced fitting kids with contacts, from as young as age 7 and have a large range of frames to choose from - suitable for the smallest babies up to pre-teenagers.

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